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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oscar the Grouch Cupcakes

I had no idea what a hit these would turn out to be, when I made them for my daughter's second birthday. They were much easier to make then I realized, so I thought I would share how I made them for those of you that would like to make them as well!

This is what you will need:

  • Miniature cupcakes (Try and coordinate the cupcake wrapper with the color of the character)
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Black Gel Icing
  • Green & red gel food coloring
  • 4 Couplers
  • 4 Decorating bags
  • Decorating tip #233, #14, #3 & #12
  • Miniature Chocolate Chips 
  • Food Paint Brush 
Any Supplies needed to make these cupcakes are available {HERE}

    You can either use store bought vanilla frosting or make your own vanilla butter cream frosting. Recipe can be found {HERE}.  Section your vanilla frosting into three separate bowls in order to tint the frosting. Add the green coloring a little at a time, until you have reached the color of Oscars fur. Do the same for the red. You can leave the last part plain white, since this will be used for his eyes. You can leave the chocolate alone, since it is fine all by itself for his Eyebrow (Unibrow).

    Fill you decorating bags and get all your tips ready to decorate!

    The black gel icing should come in a little tube, which will allow you to pipe a bit out onto the cupcake. Using the food paint brush, shape the gel into a half  moon shape on the bottom of the cupcake, this will be his mouth.  Don't worry about getting it perfect, most of it will get covered by frosting later on.

    Now put your #233 tip on your green frosting and get ready to start piping his fur.

    Circle around the outer edge of the cupcake and work your way in, until all of the cupcake is covered. You can add as much frosting as you like and can build up the shape by layering the frosting.

    Now you are ready to add the mouth. With a #3 Tip on your red frosting, gently pipe a small dot on the upper part of Oscars mouth. You can wet your finger in clean water and pat down the frosting if it is raised too much.

    With a #12 tip on your white icing, add the eyes. Use a wet finger to shape the frosting if necessary.

    Add a miniature chocolate chip to each eye. Now he's starting to look like Oscar :)

    But don't forget his brow! With a #14 tip on your chocolate frosting, pip a tight zigzag across the top of his eyes to create his eyebrow!

    And there you have it..now just join him with the rest of his buddies and you have created the hit of the party!

    I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any questions or just want to say hello to let me know you were here, please feel free to leave a comment below!

    Happy Cupcaking!

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    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    How to Make Hello Kitty Cupcakes

    My two year old has recently fell in love with "Hello Kitty". If she is to spot one randomly about, a sudden squeal of high pitched enthusiasm erupts from her pint sized self, as she points and repeatably squeaks....."Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty."

     Needless to say she likes Hello Kitty, and why wouldn't she? Her character is so simplified and charming that it is so appealing to little girls, like mine. So I thought I would surprise her by making her some cupcakes with a picture of Hello Kitty on top!

    They were a complete hit, she loved them!!! For those of you that wish to make them as well, you can follow along with how I made them....
    This is what you will need:

    These sugar toppers were actually very easy to make and I made them in an afternoon; so even if you don't have a lot of experience working with royal icing, you could still make these with no problems :)

    To make any of the templates I use to create these traceable sugar toppers, I use a free program from Serif called Page Plus, it's a great little graphics program to knock around with and it's relatively easy to use.  I found and downloaded a image of Hello Kitty through a Google image search, and using the Page Plus program I centered it in a circle a bit larger than 2 1/2 inches in diameter, (2.69 inches to be exact.) 

    If your not so graphic savvy you can print the templates from here  Full Head Kitty  and Blue Dress Kitty. I typically print out a few more than I need, this helps with practicing and for the inevitable mistakes that "I" always make.

    Cover them in wax paper, and tape them to the wax paper so they will not move as you trace them.

    Now you can make your royal icing. For these I used a Wilton recipe, which can be found {HERE} After you have finished making your icing,m it's time to start adding some color to it! In 4-5 separate bowls mix your colors!
    Black will take A LOT of gel coloring, red a little less and the blue and yellow take very little. Start small and add if you need to, if you add to much coloring just add some of the un-tinted icing back into the mix to lighten it. If you have it available use the white tint to make your white pop, it really does make a difference.

    The consistencies of the icing should be as follows:
    Black: Piping consistency
    Red: Flood Consistency
    Blue Flood Consistency
    Yellow: Piping Consistency
    White: Flood Consistency

    After you've tinted your icing, fill your decorating bags. You can cap off the ends with a coupler and some saran wrap until you are ready to use each color.

    With your black icing and tip #1 start outlining Kitty's face. Switching to tip # 1.5 and outline the small details inside her bow. (You can use #1 tip for all of this if you choose)

    Still using the black Icing, switch to a #2 tip and trace the outer circle of each topper. Take your time!
    When you are done, let them dry for 30-45 minutes...The longer the better! When they are dry you can begin filling in the bows. With a #1 or a 1.5 tip on your red icing , flood the inner parts of the bows.
    When all the bows are finished, switch to the blue icing (if you are doing the Kitty in the blue dress) and with a #1 or #1.5 tip fill in her dress. As soon as you fill all the dresses, switch to the white icing with a #1.5 tip and add in the polka dots, they will meld into the blue a bit, but still remain raised.

    With all the little details done, you can put them aside for about 15 minutes or so before you start flooding the remainder with white. When you are ready put a #1 tip on your white and begin flooding around kitty's face and her hands and feet (paws)  Do the inside of her face LAST!

    When you are finished filling the face, switch to the yellow and a #1 tip and pipe the nose onto Kittty's face. Just a small squeeze, to make a small dot. 

    Let the toppers dry completely for a few hours, before you peel them off.

    This is what they will look like!

    Now you are ready to put your cupcakes together! Yippee!  Fill a bowl with some multicolored confetti sprinkles and set it to the side. Fill a decorating bag with vanilla frosting (or whatever flavor you choose.) I use a 1M tip for this, but you can use whatever large tip you prefer. Start frosting a ring around the outer edge of your cupcakes. It should look like this when you are finished.

    Now dip the cupcake into the confetti sprinkles and gently roll it, coating the entire edge.

    Finally, place the topper on top of the cupcake and gently press down, try to use equal pressure so as to not to break the topper, as they are very delicate!
     Voila...your finished Hello Kitty Cupcakes! Now pat yourself on the back, job well done!

    These cupcakes can be stored in the fridge for a day or two without the royal icing breaking down.You can also make these topper well in advance, just store them in an airtight container, until you are ready to use them.

    I hope this was informative enough. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions or to just let me know you were here!

    Most of all though....enjoy and happy cupcaking!

    Please note that this cupcake tutorial is meant only for personal and not commercial use!!

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    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Delicious Peanut Butter Butter Cream Frosting Recipe

    I love and I mean L.O.V.E peanut butter, so I naturally adore a good peanut butter butter cream frosting recipe. This is tried and true of which I use again and again and  is always a hit. It's quick and easy to make but most importantly it's GOOD.

    This is what you will need:
    • 3/4 Creamy style Peanut Butter
    • 1 Stick of butter softened to room temperature
    • 4oz. Cream Cheese softened
    • 1/2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
    • 2 1/2 cups of Powdered Confectioners Sugar
    • 1-2 tbsp. Milk )
    In a mixing bowl add the peanut butter, butter, cream cheese and vanilla extract. With a mixer cream together on  medium speed until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Add in the confectioners sugar a little a time and mix well. Add in the milk and mix until all ingredients are incorporated fully.

    For a fluffier frosting, beat the frosting at high speed for an additional minute or two. If you want a stiffer frosting add in confectioners sugar and mix at medium speed, until the desired consistency is achieved.

    Voila....and there you have it!

    Use it on anything from cakes, cupcakes, even as the frosting to make delicious cake pops or you can do what I sometimes do and just spoon it from the bowl...which is not recommended if you are on a diet :)

    Whatever way  you choose, most importantly enjoy it!

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    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    How to make Monster High Skullette Cupcakes

    I have been getting a few inquiries on the Monster High Cupcakes I had made a while back, so I thought I would share with you all how I made them.

    Be forewarned this post is a bit lengthy, but covers all the basics to make them. But if you find that you need any help, please just ask :

     This is what you will need....
    • Cupcakes...duh
    • 4-5 decorating bags
    • 3-4 couplers
    • Skull template (I can help you with this)
    • Wax Paper
    • Royal Icing
    • Pink, red & black GEL food coloring
    • Pink sprinkles
    • Vanilla Frosting
    • Decorating tip # 1, 2 and 1M
    • Thin tipped food paintbrush (or toothpicks)
    • Time and Patience

    Before you start anything; baking, mixing etc. You need a template to work from. You can create one yourself or just  or you can print a copy from here ------> Skull & Bow Template.  

    Continue Reading here.....